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28411 Eye Surgery

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Eye surgery in 28411

28411 eye surgery
28411 eye surgery

Among the many valuable services we provide at Malouf Eye Clinics are those for expert eye surgery. We perform the following procedures here: correcting pterygium, removal of styes and growths from eyelids and the face, punctual plug insertion for chronic dry eyes, and astigmatism correction.

Pterygium, which is commonly called surfer’s eye, does not only affect surfers. It’s a growth that forms on the conjunctiva of your eyes, which though not particularly dangerous, has symptoms that include redness, and irritation. It can also affect your vision. Similarly, a stye is like a pimple that appears on your upper or lower eyelid. As with surfer’s eye, it poses no true threat to your health, but is unsightly. Styes can become infected, as well. Our 28411 eye surgery is utilized to remove them and also pterygium. In fact, any eye-related or facial growth is something that can be taken care of right here at our office, an an outpatient basis. There is no need for a hospital stay. Dry eyes are often treated with artificial tears and changes to your environment. For some people, however, that combination of methods does not produce the needed results. Or it could be that dry eyes keep coming back, after repeated attempts with artificial tears. Punctal plugs for dry eyes are biocompatible devices that provide needed moisture, and are implanted with our 28411 eye surgery. As for astigmatism, this is a common refractive condition that is usually addressed with a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. The problem is that not everyone wants to depend on them. Laser eye surgery results in a permanent improvement in how well you see, in spite of astigmatism.

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