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Corpus Christi Cataract

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Cataracts eye care in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi cataract
Corpus Christi cataract

Cataracts cause cloudy or blurry vision, which gets progressively worse as it advances. Here at Malouf Eye Clinics, we have a solution for you once corrective lenses have ceased to offer you the type of result you want. You can depend on our cataracts eye care for specialized, experienced treatment in the form of surgery to replace your natural eye lenses.

When you are first diagnosed with Corpus Christi cataract, you may not experience any serious loss of vision. This eye disease occurs when deposits of protein develop on the surface of your eye lenses. They grow in both size and quantity, and when your Corpus Christi cataract are beyond the ability of a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses to deal with, you will have to get a procedure during which our eye surgeon removes your eye lenses. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the cataracts themselves from the lenses, so the entire lens much come out. You can rest assured that the surgery has a high rate of success. Replacing the lenses are intraocluar lens implants (IOLs). It used to be that IOLs were only monofocal, restoring distance vision, but causing you to need reading glasses. But newer multifocal IOLs have changed all that. You will be able to see sharply and clearly at all distances. If cataracts has robbed you of your ability to enjoy activities ranging from reading to driving; from using your computer to playing your favorite sport, you will find that our cataracts surgery restores your options to you.

You do not have to let your Corpus Christi cataract take your vision away permanently. This is the perfect time for you to contact our office and let us schedule you for a convenient appointment for an examination and consultation where you can have all your questions answered and find out if you’re a good candidate for our cataracts surgery.

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