Corpus Christi Dry Eyes

Corpus Christi Dry Eyes

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Treating Dry Eyes in Corpus Christi

If your eyes are not making enough tears, or the tear quantity is sufficient but lacking quality, you’ll end up with dry eyes. At Malouf Eye Clinics, one of our highest priority is your comfort, and there is no doubt that when they lack proper moisture, your eyes are anything but comfortable. Turn to us for expert treatment.

While there may be little you can do to stop Corpus Christi dry eyes from developing, you can keep the problem from being worse than it has to be. For example, exposure to wind and smoke are both contributing factors. Dry air is, as well. You should be on the lookout for symptoms such as red eyes, burning of stinging in your eyes, sensitivity to light, blurry vision, or discomfort when you put in your contact lenses. The way to diagnose your Corpus Christi dry eyes is through a thorough eye examination, along with the possibility of special testing that is designed to determine the volume and quality of your tears. Such tests are done to give our eye doctor a clearer picture of what’s causing the problem. Among the most common treatments is artificial tears, a type of eye drops that add much needed moisture. There is more than one type, though, including varying strengths. Our eye doctor will determine the one that is best suited to you. Additional possibilities are punctual plugs, which are inserted to prevent your tears from draining and allowing them to stay there and maintain adequate moisture; nutrition and lid hygiene, which is basically combining supplements with keeping your eyes free of obstructions; and a procedure called Prokera Amniotic Membrane, which will heal your cornea if the source of your dry eyes is damage to its surface.

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