Corpus Christi eye surgery

Corpus Christi Eye Surgery

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Eye surgery in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi eye surgery
Corpus Christi eye surgery

Disorders of the eye require a highly trained specialist and advanced technology to diagnose and treat. This is especially true when the dealing with diseases of the retina, a delicate sheet of tissue that lines the back of the eye where images are focused before being sent to the brain as well as many other complex tiny organs that make our ability to turn light into images possible. Dr. John Malouf, MD is an expert in Corpus Christi eye surgery as well as diagnosing and treating disorders involving the eye. Our office has state-of-the-art optical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and technology to look deep into the eye, photograph its operations as well as provide treatment including laser surgery.

Our ophthalmologist performs Corpus Christi eye surgery both in our offices and in a surgical center, depending on the type of surgery involved and the equipment needed to complete the surgery successfully with a minimum amount of invasiveness. Many of the in-office procedures our practice performs involve the removal of developing growths or pimples around the eyes, especially on the eyelids. These include removal of pterysium, growth of pink fleshy tissue on the conjuctiva that lines the eyelid, stye, pimples on the eyelids, removal as well as other. For patients with severe cases of dry eyes our doctor may insert punctual plugs to slow the drainage of tears in the eyes. Our doctor can also perform surgery to correct astigmatism where the vision is not satisfactorily corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

More advanced Corpus Christi eye surgery is usually done at the surgical center, for instance cataract removal requires the taking out of the deteriorating lens of the eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. Macular degeneration and other retina disorders, such as fixing detachments or controlling diabetic retinopathy are primarily done using laser surgery. Many patients, especially when they start to get slightly older complain that drooping eyelids impair their vision, our doctor can surgically lift the eyelids so that they no longer block the eyes. Let our doctor perform a comprehensive eye exam to make sure that your eyes are functioning peak effectiveness.

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