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Ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi

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Comprehensive Eye Exams in in Corpus Christi

Ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi
Ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi

Comprehensive eye tests and vision exams are an important part of everyone’s health. At Malouf Eye Clinics, we perform comprehensive tests for early diagnosis of eye conditions and to check for symptoms or problems that can arise due to eye diseases. Routine eye exams should happen once every year or every other year and are important due to the fact that some eye diseases can only be detected during a routine exam with our ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi.

Our eye exam includes a refraction for contact lenses and a complete eyeglass fitting if needed. Our full service optical department and professional eyewear consultants are trained to help you choose the right frames for you. We offer designer frames as well as budget frames, contact lenses for disposable and extended wear, as well as color changing contact lenses. Our selection is also affordable, and we pride ourselves on being able to find the perfect blend of style and affordability in our glasses for each of our patients. We know our patients all have their own unique style and face shape, which is why we take the time to help you pick out frames that fit your facial structure and style. Ask our ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi about how you can get a new pair of glasses today, and for our specials.

Our contact lens exam is designed to fit patients for hard or soft contact lenses. Thanks to advances in the optical field, almost everyone is now a candidate for contacts, including those with astigmatism. Those who wear bifocal or multifocal lenses can now also have contact lens prescriptions. Our contact lenses come in a wide variety of brands and types to suit everyone’s needs, such as hard and soft lenses. Soft lenses are the most commonly prescribed by our ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi due to their comfort level, while hard contact lenses, better known as gas-permeable or GP lenses, offer sharper vision.

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