Ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi

Ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi

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Glaucoma eye care in Corpus Christi

An unsafe level of internal eye pressure is the marker for glaucoma, one of the most common eye diseases. It knows no age limits, is not linked strictly to heredity or medical history, and it has no early warning symptoms. At Malouf Eye Clinics, our priority is to promptly diagnose, evaluate, and treat glaucoma so that you have the best chance to avoid vision loss (up to and including blindness), and damage to your optic nerve.

Our ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi recommends a yearly screening for glaucoma. By doing so, there is every reason to be confident that it will be caught before any serious harm has occurred. The root cause of the disease is that your eyes are producing more fluid than then can effectively drain. This does not necessarily mean too much fluid, but that there is quite probably an obstacle to drainage. Glaucoma progresses steadily, but can be accelerated by chemical contamination, eye injury, inflammation, or infection. Both eyes are typically affected, but one eye could have a worse case than the other. If you start to notice symptoms like loss of vision, eye haziness, tunnel vision, and nausea and vomiting, you may have advanced glaucoma. It is essential that you see our ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi as soon as possible. Diagnosis is done through an eye exam and the test called tonometry, which measures your internal eye pressure. Additional testing, such as a photo of your optic nerve, may also be necessary. Depending on your situation and the severity, treatment options include medicated eye drops to reduce fluid production, laser treatments that are designed to increase drainage efficiency, and microsurgery, for creating a new drainage channel.

If it has been close to a year since you’ve had a glaucoma screening, or you’re concerned about symptoms you’re experiencing, please schedule an appointment with our office to be examined by our ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi.

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